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Because at Mylittlefrenchpharmacie, we're committed to prevention, we've decided to provide you with a series of self-diagnostics to help you become an ACTOR of your health.

In this section, you'll find self-tests that enable you to diagnose your condition directly at home, so that you can be taken care of as quickly as possible, or simply to reassure yourself. Gluten intolerance test, HIV test, pregnancy test, ovulation test, vaginal infection test, urinary tract infection test, cannabis test, Covid test, etc etc.

You'll also find self-test grids: FACE questionnaire (alcohol), CAST questionnaire (cannabis), AMSLER grid (visual acuity), BMI (body mass index), home needs assessment, Fagerström test (tobacco), dietary questionnaire, micronutritional consultation (IOMET), vaccination calendar, 

And last but not least, accessories to monitor your vitals at home: bathroom scales, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, etc. etc.